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Butterfly Millionaire is a blog about investing. Specifically I wanna share my learning and experience on how to earn money on the stock market.

The reason why I want to do that is, I want to create a stream of mostly passive income that will found my family's life. Most of the background is presented at the "Start Here" Page. There I explained my experience and my background.

Currently I am working in a fulltime job in the corporate finance world in Germany in a small company. I like what I do but I do not feel confident to stay an employee for the rest of my life.

As my wife is from the Philippines we are both working hard to create a lifestyle that offers us the freedom of choice where and when we want to live or to work.

In the next weeks I will describe the main sources of income that can be used to earn money from the stock market. Additionally, I will describe my strategy how I am planning to generate a regular income stream just using dividend payments and option premium.

My starting capital is only 10.000 Euro, so there is a long road to go to. A basic income for a small family will be at least 2.000 Euro in a month. Based on current projections on earning 2 pct. a month on the capital invested, we will need at least 100.000 Euro.

Currently we do both work hard to buy ourselves the time we want. Both of us know colleagues that have kids at home, but the job does not offer enough flexibility to see to them growing up. We don't want that!

My wife will probably stop working in year or two. So in that time we will need enough income to cover her income and still have spare money to invest.

It's going to be a long journey...

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